About Us

About DD-English-Learning-Co-Ltd

This is where we introduce US to YOU. We are located in Bangkok, Thailand and our teachers are AMERICAN and know the English language very well. Our goal is to educate those people who wish to improve their English skills or study vocabulary or English pertaining to a specific field or background such as Medical, Law, Banking etc. We are structured to meet the new ASEAN-6 goals and standards which came into affect 2015 and as a requirement for all of the Asian countries and Asian Corporations who are required to speak and understand English on an International level.

We started our eCommerce Program because so many of our students were taking English and learning how to write because they were opening Internet Stores as well as selling E Bay, Amazon, Alibaba etc, so we found there was a real need and so our programming covers both English as comprehensive as you may require as well as E Commerce to whatever level you wish.

One of our teachers also has a very strong working knowledge of the EBAY and ALIBABA systems and can navigate through all the “RED TAPE” and “PIT-FALLS” that cause aggravation and in the end keep people from every really getting started selling products. He has handled SEVERE SUSPENSIONS, PRODUCT DISPUTES and much more and has a very strong track record of beating down both EBAY and ALIBABA and now even AMAZON. Out of 1950-cases against EBAY he lost 2-cases because in the end the seller was not honest when disclosing what really happened.

As you can see in the photos our class size is small, that is done for good reason. We believe that the best teaching environment is small so that we can offer a more personal or 1 to 1 teaching style. This allows a more focused teaching environment allowing students to better interact with each other as well as with the teacher. This smaller class size also does not permit students to be left out or allowed to fall asleep during class. Here again the learning environment is designed for over all student learning effectiveness. We invite participation this way.

In most cases our chairs are placed in a semi-circle so that students face each other for better student participation and contact. This also allows the teacher to better interface with the students and it helps to build a strong class bond between all participants.

Our teachers are highly qualified and knowledgeable in the AMERICAN ENGLISH LANGUAGE. One of our teachers has been teaching English to the Thai Army now for 36-years and still teaches them today. However having said that we started offering classes and teaching via internet because so many students would come home from school and not always have time for a full class and needed assistance with assignments or language.

Please hang out and ask all the questions you want.

Thank you,