All classes offered are exactly the same for both Thai-Language as they are for English Language. Because we are located in Bangkok, Thailand we offer Local In Home Classes/Private, In Classroom Classes, Corporate Classes as well as our Online Classes.

All Online Classes will be scheduled on an “WHEN TIME IS AVAILABLE BASIS”

All Online Classes will be charged at $15.00 per hour flat rate to the nearest 15mins.

All Classes in a Classroom Setting must have Registered minimum 4-students per class

All Private in-home class payments must be paid at the front of every month for classes that month. All transportation cost for instructor will be figured to & from each students home.

All hour-to-hour classes must be paid at time of session or can purchase Block Time Packs and use as needed. Block Time Packs available in: 5-hrs, 10-hrs, 20-hrs, 30-hrs, 40-hrs

Please register for the classes/courses you wish to take on the following pages.